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Engineering for Food Safety & Quality (NC-1023 | 2010-2015)

NC-1023 Impact Statement Graphics Credits

Image Credits (in order of appearance): Mars: public domain; High voltage; Nanobot: iStock; Protein bar: public domain; Edible coating: Oregon State University; TV dinner, iStock; Peanuts: public domain; Shrimp: public domain; Wheat: public domain; Bowl of rice: public domain; MRE: Simon5560, Wikimedia commons; Crab meat sticks [cropped]: Natto, Wikimedia commons; Microwave; Guacamole: stu_spivack, Flickr; Yogurt; Probiotic pills; Oyster: public domain; Cottage cheese: Pbfingers; French fries: public domain; Broccoli: public domain; Lettuce [cropped]: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr; Salt shaker: Dubravko Sorić, Flickr; Paprika: public domain

Icons from the Noun Project (in order of appearance): Space shuttle: Scott Lewis US; Game controller: Connor Shea; Store: Stanislav Lenin; Restaurant: Hubb Blekkenhorst; House: AFY Studio; Shopping cart: Madebyelvis; Graduation cap: MRFA US

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