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Why Impactful Reporting Matters and How To Do It Well

** Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and other factors, we are not taking requests for Impact Writing Workshops at this time. **


Impact Writing Workshops demonstrate the role impact statements play in supporting research programs and give participants knowledge and tools for writing, identifying, and leveraging strong impact statements. That means researchers, Extension specialists, university leadership, program administrators and staff, communicators, and funding agencies can all take away new knowledge and skills. 


Our in-person workshop is offered in 3-hour formats.

Our virtual workshop is offered in a 2-hour format.

The 2-hour virtual workshop includes a presentation with visual aids, interactive examples, and Q&A. The 3-hour workshop includes the presentation and examples as well as the opportunity for participants to practice writing impact statement and review and discuss their statements. Other group-specific exercises may be added.

Contact us to learn more about hosting a workshop.

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