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Headshot of Faith Peppers, USDA-NIFA Liaison for the Multistate Research Fund Impacts Program

Faith Peppers


  • Connected, energized strategist from the Georgia piedmont

  • Helps guide the strategic vision of the team and connects partners and programs to provide a smooth, two-way flow of powerful impact stories.

  • Has training in Journalism, Political Science, and Leadership

  • Enjoys storytelling, live music, and Irish step dancing

  • IMPACTed by time in the big-city media circus, which eventually led to a return home to the steady rhythm of agrarian society and the farmers at the heart of it


Headshot of Sara Delheimer, Program Coordinator for the Multistate Research Fund Impacts Program

Sara Delheimer

Program Coordinator

  • Multi-tasking communicator and problem solver from rural Illinois (now Nashville, TN)

  • Helps develop program strategy and coordinates day-to-day activities; writes and designs Impact Statements, social media graphics, and other materials that tell the stories of multistate research projects.

  • Has training in Sociology and Environmental Science 

  • Enjoys hiking, mountain biking, reading, and cooking

  • IMPACTed by a summer internship in Acadia National Park and the discovery of science communication as a real profession​


Our team is small, but we work with many partners! The MRF Impacts Program works with State Agricultural Experiment Station directors and regional associations, land-grant university administrators, communicators, and faculty, communicators and leaders at the USDA-NIFA and APLU, and others.


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