Program Coordinator

  • Communicator, designer, environmentalist from Illinois (lives in Nashville, TN)

  • Enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and cooking

  • IMPACTed by a summer internship in Acadia National Park and the discovery of science communication as a real profession

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Sara Delheimer


  • Connected, energized   strategist from Georgia

  • Enjoys storytelling, live music, and Irish step dancing

  • IMPACTed by time in the big-city media circus, which eventually led to a return home to the steady rhythm of agrarian society and the farmers at the heart of it


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Faith Peppers

Social Media Specialist

  • We are in the process of hiring a new student social media intern.

  • The intern will help create social media content and engage with our audience.

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As the USDA-NIFA liaison, I help guide the strategic vision of the team, serving as a conduit connecting partners and programs to provide a smooth, two-way flow of powerful impact stories. My training in Journalism, Political Science and Leadership help me define the problems, priorities and opportunities that agricultural research can and does tackle, then find the best place to showcase research successes in improving them. I am a strategist who thrives on spinning as many plates as possible to create a perfect picture of efficient energy focused on real problems. Originally from the Georgia piedmont, I fled to the allure of the big-city media circus, only to discover decades later that the steady rhythm of the agrarian society was my true pulse. Being separated from it caused an arrythmia in my soul that eventually drove me back home to the familiar and the farmers who are the heart of my life’s work.   


As the Program Coordinator, I manage the day-to-day activities of MRF Impacts team members and help develop our overall strategy. In addition to these responsibilities, I write and design our Impact Statements, social media graphics, and other materials that tell the stories of multistate research projects. My training in Sociology and Environmental Science help me understand and communicate how agriculture and research impact our audiences. I’m a generalist who can see the big picture, but I’m also a science and art nerd who geeks out over the nitty-gritty details of research projects and Impact Statement design. I've been a bookworm and writer all my life, and professionally, I take pains to use language in engaging, clear ways. Originally from the rural Illinois, I now live in Nashville, TN, and when I’m not working, I’m usually out hiking or mountain biking or cooking with friends or family. I was deeply impacted by my college summer internship in Acadia National Park, where I discovered that science communication is an actual profession, learned to lead and collaborate, and reconnected with my love for the outdoors, science, and getting to know new communities.