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A Safe, Nutritious & Delicious Thanksgiving Feast

Before you gobble up your Thanksgiving feast, take a moment to be thankful for the research that keeps your food safe, nutritious, and tasty. Researchers at land-grant universities across the U.S. are working together on USDA-NIFA supported Hatch Multistate projects that are developing new tools and methods to tackle safety issues and improve food quality. Here are a few examples of research that is affecting common Thanksgiving dishes.

To dig deeper into this research, check out the following Impact Statements:

* Managing Food Safety Risks

* Engineering for Food Safety & Quality

* Fresh Fruit Quality and Shelf Life

* Breeding Better Beans

* Meat Production & Quality

* Ensuring the Safety & Quality of Fresh-cut Produce

* Toxic Molds in Grains

* Insect Pests in Corn

* Improving Wine Grapes

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