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Super Snacks for the Super Bowl

Multistate research projects are advancing the production, quality, and food safety of many of our favorite Super Bowl party snacks. View the graphics and links below to learn more. We encourage you to share these materials to promote the impacts of agricultural research and land-grant universities.

Click through the image gallery below to learn more about the research behind various snack items.

Multistate research projects featured in these graphics include:

  • Technology to remove damaged popcorn kernels: NC-213

  • Managing popcorn pests: NC205

  • Better potato varieties for potato chips: NCCC-215, NRSP-6

  • Less fatty potato chips: NC-1023

  • Innovative irrigation for avocados: W-3190, W-2128

  • Imaging sensors to detect avocado tree disease: W-3009

  • Chemically delaying ripening for avocados with longer shelf life: NE-1336

  • High pressure processing for guacamole safety/quality: NC-1023

  • Food safety for packaged fresh-cut produce: S-294

  • Bee-safe insecticide treatments for almond trees: NC-1173

  • Microirrigation for almond trees: W-2128

  • Automated harvest device for peanuts: NCERA-180

  • Breeding new peanut varieties: S-009

  • Breeding better grapes & berries: NCCC-212

  • Breeding new beans for snack foods: W-2150

  • Cheese food safety: S-1056, NC-1023

  • Chicken genetics, welfare & sustainability: NC-1170, NE-1042

  • Marketing for hops growers, brewers & beer retailers: S-1067

  • Detecting & killing toxic mold during beer malting: NC-1183

  • Robotic twining for hops: W-2009


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