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Share our resources.

We encourage you to share our Impact Statements and other materials to promote Hatch Multistate research projects, participating institutions, and the programs that support them. You may repurpose our materials to suit your audience and platform. 

Please include a link back to this website or reference of the Hatch Multistate Research Program and/or MRF Impacts as attribution. 

Who uses impact statements?

  • Project participants, administrators, and partners

  • Leaders, evaluators, administrators, and communicators at participating universities

  • Regional Agricultural Experiment Stations associations

  • USDA-NIFA leaders and communications staff

  • Donors/funders

  • Policymakers/legislators

  • Industry

  • Farmers

  • Local communities

How are impact statements used?

  • Social media

  • Newsletters

  • Newspaper and magazine pitches and articles

  • Media interviews

  • Speeches
  • Presentations

  • Congressional testimony

  • Legislative meetings

  • Grant proposals

  • Award applications

Need more guidance?

For tips and sample posts, see our toolkits.

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