Press releases are issued to national news wires to announce outstanding project impacts, milestones, and awards. Press releases are often written and released in collaboration with other communications specialists.

November 2016

The Impact of Plant Breeding

September 2016

Land-Grant Universities Bolster The US Potato Genebank’s Impact

August 2016

Twenty-One Land-Grant Universities Create Animal Feed Database

June 2016

Seventeen Land-Grant Institutions Develop Virtual Herbaria


May 2016

Partnership between Dozens of Land-Grant Institutions Helps Create National Atmospheric Deposition Program

  • 148 media hits

  • 88M impressions


April 2016

Eleven Land-Grant Institutions Work Across State Lines to Reduce Water Contaminants

  • 151 media hits

  • 88.8M impressions


March 2016

Thirteen Land-grant Universities Work Across State Lines to Improve Equine Farm Sustainability
  • 195 media hits
  • 90.5M impressions


January 2016

Thirteen Land-grant Universities Advance Fight Against Mycobacterial Diseases

  • 230 media hits

  • 89.5M impressions

  • Shared with 43 print and broadcast outlets as well as numerous dairy associations


December 2015

Multistate Research Project Conducts Critical Wetland Soil Research


September 2015

Land-Grant Institutions Work Across State Lines to Increase Fruit Tree Production 

  • ~200 media hits

  • Picked up by BARN media


August 2015

Seven Land-Grant Universities Help Stabilize Catfish Production, Increase Economic Vitality 

  • 212 media hits

  • 74.8M impressions


June 2015

Twelve Land-Grant Institutions Contribute to Soil Science, Impact Resource Management 

  • 222 media hits

  • 21.8M impressions


May 2015

Land-Grant Institutions Help Motivate Children, Parents To Increase Calcium Intake 

  • 225 national media hits

  • 20.6M impressions


March 2015

Eleven Land-Grant Institutions Help Protect Pecan Yield 

  • 191 national media hits

  • ~20M impressions


November 2014

Researchers from 20 Land-Grant Institutions Receive National Recognition for Multistate Water Conservation Project 


October 2014

Multistate Land-Grant University Research Project Contributes to Domestic and International Dry Bean Industry


July 2014

Researchers from 19 Land-Grant Universities Receive Western Region Award of Excellence for Multistate Water Conservation Project 

  • Examples of University coverage:


July 2013

Collaborative sweet potato research recognized with award, The Grower


June 2013

Dairy Food Safety Team Receives Excellence in Research Award








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