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Impact Writing Guides

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Writing Impact Statements: Overview

This infographic offers basic tips and guidelines for writing and sharing impact statements about agricultural research and Extension projects.

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Writing Impact Statements: Worksheet

This worksheet provides guided questions to help write an impact statement about an agricultural research and Extension project.

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Reporting Impact Statements

Communicating the impacts of publicly funded research provides accountability. The Multistate Research Fund Impacts Program shares the impacts of Hatch Multistate projects and trains others to report their impacts.

Impact Writing Workshops

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Impact Writing Workshops

These workshops demonstrate the role impact statements play in supporting research programs and give participants knowledge and tools for writing, identifying, and leveraging strong impact statements. We offer limited workshops through the year to select groups... 

Hatch Multistate groups may be eligible for a free workshop. For other groups, pricing varies.


Our 2-hour virtual workshop includes a presentation, examples, and Q&A. Our 3-hour in-person workshop includes extra time for participants to work on their own impact statements.

Impact Writing Videos

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